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Dog & Puppy Classes

Seven Week Puppy Training Foundations Course £99

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For vaccinated pups 10-24 wks. Small class sizes of just 4-7 puppies, with at least 2 trainers to help you. 

The 7 week structure allows us to get to know you and your puppy on an individual basis and offer you the absolute best support and training help during the first couple of months of becoming a puppy parent!

The course includes a training tips pdf once paid, detailed and easy to follow handouts to accompany every session, email support from our head trainer between classes, weekly emails with extra help plus a certificate at the end!

Book early as these courses sometimes book up weeks in advance! (we strongly suggest starting as close to 10 wks as possible, depending on vaccinations)

Class Date Venue Spaces
Thursdays at 8.15pm starts 15th August East Didsbury FULL
Sundays at 12.30pm starts 18th August East Didsbury FULL
Sundays at 2.30pm starts 18th August *JUST ADDED!* East Didsbury FULL
Tuesdays at 8.15pm starts 20th August East Didsbury FULL
Tuesdays at 6.15pm starts 27th August East Didsbury 1
Sundays at 1.30pm starts 1st September East Didsbury FULL
Mondays at 7.15pm starts 2nd September Heaton Moor 2
Wednesdays at 7pm starts 11th September Chorlton 2
Thursdays at 7.15pm starts 19th September East Didsbury 5

Three Week Catch Up Course £55

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Dates & Availability

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For adult dogs and older puppies (20 wks +) 

Only 3-6 dogs per class usually with 2 trainers.

Designed for all newcomers to CB Dogs who’ve missed out on the puppy course and must be completed before moving on to Next Steps if you are a new starter. 

We briefly run through how we train at CB Dogs, 7 basic exercises from puppy class and most importantly, allow you to see how your dog gets on in the group environment. 

Once this course has been completed you will be ready to join our 6 week Next Steps Course.  

The course includes a training tips pdf once paid, detailed handouts to accompany every week and email support from Clare if needed.

Class Date Venue Spaces
Wednesdays at 6pm starts 4th September Chorlton 1
Mondays at 6.15pm starts 9th September Heaton Moor FULL

Six Week Next Steps Course £85

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Dates & Availability

Click here for options of our follow up Home Visits to work on a one to one basis rather than a group

Once you have completed either Puppy Training Foundations, or the Catch Up Course, you can join us for this follow on course. 

We work on: Manners when greeting people, Manners around Food, Coming away from distractions, Walking past Distractions and a fun little Trick to help build the language between you and your dog.

The course is aimed at dogs of any age who have completed one of the starter courses and are comfortable around other dogs. The £85 course fee includes detailed handouts every week, email support wherever needed plus a certificate at the end.

Class Date Venue Spaces
Tuesdays at 7.15pm starts 27th August East Didsbury 1
Wednesdays at 8.00pm starts 4th September Chorlton 4
Mondays at 6.15pm starts 30th September Heatons 4

Advanced Skills Course £70

Class Details
Dates & Availability

This is the follow on to our Next Steps Course which must be completed first.

As with the Tricks Course, we change each and every course to make it unique. We will always email the group before we start to take requests and will plan the five weeks based on these requests.

The course includes emailed notes each week and certificates upon completion! As with Tricks, you can repeat this course as many times as you like as each course is unique!

Class Date Venue Spaces
Sundays at 2.30pm starts 27th October East Didsbury 6

Four Week Tricks Course £60

Class Details
Dates & Availability

Four fun filled weeks of working out the intricacies of trick training and how to use it to build the relationship between you and your dog and get your dog loving to listen.

Tricks vary with each course and i’m always open to suggestion.

We usually use clicker training on this course and introduce the concept to you and your dog.

This is my favourite course to teach and we have so much fun on them.

You must complete either Puppy Training or a Catch Up Course to take part in the tricks course.

Class Date Venue Spaces

Book early to ensure your place!!